It is not our job to accept what

law enforcement thinks.


Our client was involved in an accident that resulted in the death of a young woman.  She was crossing the highway on a dark night when she crashed on top of our client's car hood and smashed the windshield.  The client got out and looked around but did not see a body and thought it must have been a large bird.  Arriving at home he learned of reports of a hit and run at that scene, and he went back.


He was prosecuted and might have received a very long prison sentence, but it bothered us the damage to his car was on top, not the front end.


We pressed and pressed until we proved that the woman was hit by another car and tossed into the air before landing on our client's car.  Our theory proved convincing to the jury.


It was a catastrophe the woman died  However, we avoided a second catastrophe of our innocent client serving a prison sentence.  Instead, he went home to his family.


 Here is an example of years of experience

producing a fair reward for our client.


We were in a mediation over an insurance claim.  As many are, our client was uncomfortable with the pressure that a negotiation brings.  By lunch time she wanted to quit and go home.  The amount of the settlement offered by the insurance company was about $300,000.  But she was entitled to more.


As an experienced attorney and negotiator we suggested we stop for lunch, and we used the time to relax with our client.  When we came back from lunch we spent about only another two hours.


We convinced the other side we were there to stay as long as it takes and we concluded our negotiation with an offer from the insurance company of over double the lunch time offer.


Knowing when and how much comes from experience.

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