Gerald J. Davis is a trial attorney. He received his law degree from the University of South Carolina School of Law and was admitted to practice law in the State of South Carolina in 1997.


      Mr. Davis retired as a "State Trooper" from the State of South Carolina in 1994. During his tenure with the Highway Patrol he investigated accidents and made arrests for various criminal and traffic violations.  This valuable experience makes him uniquely qualified as a trial attorney to give his clients their best representation.


Attorney Davis tells his clients, to remember, if they are stopped by law enforcement


  • I will immediately comply with any lawful order given to me.
  • I will not tell law enforcement how many drinks I have had.
  • I will not take field sobriety or eye movement tests whatsoever.
  • I will not take breath, blood or urine test if drinking more than one.
  • I will not consent to the search of my person, vehicle, or property.
  • I will not be part of a line-up or ID procedure without my lawyer.
  • I will not waive my Constitutional right to remain silent.


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