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Criminal Blunders

Criminal Blunders (26)

Funny and amusing stories about criminal activity.

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - A Nashville man has been charged with domestic assault after someone unplugged his PlayStation, according to police.

Police said Joshua Stone got into an argument with the victim while playing video games. He told officers the woman unplugged the PlayStation, so he body-slammed her.


The woman suffered injuries to her head.



Apr 18, 2019

Orangeburg County

Sheriff’s Office

Orangeburg County EMS responded to Walmart on North Road around 9 p.m. Thursday after two men appeared to have passed out inside of the business.


According to a sheriff’s office incident report, the two men – an 18-year-old and a 37-year-old – overdosed on drugs.

The report says that while EMS treated the 18-year-old, 20.4 grams of a green leafy substance, three blue pills and one pink pill fell from his pocket.

Deputies say the green substance resembles marijuana. The pink pill was identified as morphine, but the blue pills have not yet been identified, the report said.

EMS transported both men to the Regional Medical Center for treatment and further evaluation.

The incident is still under investigation.

Feb 23, 2019


AKRON, Ohio – An inmate at a federal penitentiary in Atlanta appeared to admit his role in a 2010 murder during an uninterrupted, 49-minute Facebook Live broadcast, according to WJW.

Joseph Fletcher, 30, who was once described by Ohio police as 'one of Akron's most dangerous individuals,' is currently finishing a 39-month prison sentence on a weapons charge.

He is scheduled to be released in May.

On Saturday, however, Fletcher took to Facebook from what appears to have been a phone smuggled into his prison cell.

During the unsupervised Facebook Live video Fletcher calls himself a 'motivational speaker for gangsters,' says he 'runs Akron' and discusses the September 2010 murder of LaDonte Smith, who was found shot to death inside a car in the 700 block of Wall Street.

In 2011, Anthony Smart, also known as "Champy," took responsibility for the crime, pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter in a negotiated plea with Summit County prosecutors.

In his Facebook video on Saturday, Fletcher says "if it wasn't for Champy I'd have a life sentence right now."

"You know I still got love for (Tay). The streets is mean like ... But RIP Tay," said Fletcher.

"What happened happened; it's a cold game. I'm talking about, it's a cold game. I seen it with my own eyes," he added.

Later in the video, Fletcher appears to point his fingers as if he is pointing a gun and says (eliminating his expletives) "I did it, everybody know I did it. I love Tay ... a situation presented itself ... you can't be mad...," and told a viewer of his video...."you ain't going to do nothing about it."

The video caught the attention of Smith's mother, Lashoane Andrus, who says she has reservations about whether Smart actually was the one who killed her son.

"It really hurt me. I sat at the table for like a half hour just sitting there, just staring, just watching the video over and over again because my thing is I can’t understand how you said you did it and in the same breath turn around and say, ‘I love Tay,’” said Andrus.

Andrus also questions how a federal prisoner could have the ability to carry out a lengthy interactive Facebook video from inside his cell.

"He runs Akron. Like everybody is supposed to be scared of him, including Akron police. It's like nobody can do anything to him," said Andrus, who told WJW she is not scared. "I was actually going to call the federal prison today and find out how he got that phone, but I had heard they got it already so I'm sure it's under investigation now."

Because of his history in the area, Fletcher has been ordered by a federal judge not to return to Northeast Ohio following his release.

In his video, he acknowledges that he is not welcome back in Northeast Ohio.

"Every law enforcement up there hate me," he told his Facebook audience.

Akron police are aware of the video but they are not commenting on it.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons could not, as of Tuesday, explain how he was able to get a cellphone into his cell to be able to post the live video.

 Read the original article and watch the video here: https://fox17online.com

Feb 06, 2019


 The words "Gladstone Police" printed in large letters on a window next to a bicycle rack wasn't enough of a deterrent for an alleged thief, whom Oregon officers accuse of trying to steal a bike right from under their noses. A surveillance video shared Monday on Facebook—viewed more than 360,000 times—shows a man with bolt cutters fidgeting with a bike chained to the rack outside the doors of the Gladstone Police Department on Dec. 27, per NBC News. An officer then emerges and confronts the masked suspect, pushing him against a wall as he looks ready to flee. Per Fox News, Adam Valle, 26, is now facing charges of theft, criminal mischief, and felony possession of weapons, along with headlines questioning his intelligence. (Read more weird crimes stories.)

Original story at: http://www.newser.com

Jan 22, 2019


This story comes from: https://globalnews.ca

Police in Pueblo, Colo., announced Tuesday that they had arrested the man recorded on cellphone camera trying to rob a woman – until his falling pants get in the way.

According to police, 26-year-old Jeremy Aragon was behind the attempted robbery outside the Family Dollar Store on East 4th Street this past Sunday.


The video of the violent robbery attempt was captured by Macy Story, who noticed what appeared to be a violent altercation between a man and a female store employee.

“I would have jumped in if I thought he was going to hurt her,” Story told KOAA News. “I wanted to have my camera out there because police need evidence.”


Story’s video is a strange mixture of horror and slapstick: Aragon attempts to wrest a pair of speakers from the store employee’s hands, only to be foiled when his baggy jeans refuse to stay up.

Eventually, preservation of dignity outweighed the material gain of his criminal enterprise, and Aragon fled the scene – as best he could, what with his pants issues and all.

“He took her ring too,” Story said. “He had pulled it off her finger and her hands were all bloody.”

Pueblo Police announced Tuesday that they had arrested and charged Aragon after he was identified with help from the public, after video of the robbery went viral in the Pueblo community.

“Ironically, when he stood up in our interview room, his pants fell down [again],” Pueblo Police Capt. Eric Bravo told KOAA.

Original article and video can be found at: https://globalnews.ca




Jan 02, 2019



A pair of alleged credit card thieves were apprehended in a convenience store in Alberta, Canada. When approached by the police, the female member of the duo tried to evade arrest by hiding above the store’s ceiling panels, only to come crashing through to the floor.


Source: nypost.com

Dec 20, 2018


Never trust the macaroni salad. It’ll turn on you when you least expect it.

This, after police in Mt. Morris, New York, apprehended three burglary suspects Sunday by following a trail of macaroni salad they left behind while making their getaway.

In a release published Monday morning, the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office reports thieves broke in and stole a cash register from Build-A-Burger Restaurant, along with the establishment’s entire surveillance system and a large bowl of macaroni salad.

Deputies were hot on the criminals’ trail, literally, as they attempted to escape via the nearby Greenway Trail.

“Found along the trail were cash register parts, surveillance system parts, rubber gloves, loose change and a steady trail of macaroni salad,” the sheriff’s office said. “It was later discovered that the suspects stole a large bowl of macaroni salad, which they took turns eating, along their escape route.”


Officers arrested Matthew P. Sapetko, 34, James P. Marullo, 35, and Timothy S. Walker Jr., 23, by early Sunday afternoon. The three have been charged with third-degree burglary, third-degree criminal mischief and fourth-degree grand larceny. Walker faces additional charges for criminal possession of a controlled substance, say police.

Per the Democrat & Chronicle, the three have been booked into the Livingston County Jail. Most of the stolen property has been recovered.


Original story credit: https://www.huffingtonpost.com

Dec 04, 2018


There are just some places where you shouldn’t mention explosives. Airports are on that list, as are courthouses. Now there’s another place where you might want to hold your tongue: Willie’s Chicken Shack. That’s where Arthur Posey found himself on the wrong side of the law after he said he was going to “blow up the bathroom.”


A New Orleans man was arrested at a Willie’s Chicken Shack after allegedly claiming he was going to “blow the bathroom up.”

Posey wasn’t making terrorist threats, though. Not exactly. Posey was at the New Orleans chicken restaurant when he was struck with the sudden feeling that he needed to visit the bathroom.

Posey, 30, used a rather colorful metaphor to describe the urgency he felt in the Canal Street restaurant the evening of Nov. 13.

The employees were scared. They didn’t think he was joking. “Y’all about to close right now because I’m going to get a bomb and blow this place up,” they reported to police.


Really... I mean REALLY?!? Cmon fam

View image on Twitter

I never thought of saying "I'ma blow up the bathroom" as a threat - usually it's afterwards and I'm just stating facts


Another employee said the threat was even more specific. “He [said he] was going to get a bomb and put it under the middle table of the restaurant closest to the front door.”

They called police. The police went after Posey, who had left the restaurant. When they found him, he claimed it was a misunderstanding. He wasn’t threatening to bomb the establishment, not literally.

Posey made bail. That may be a good thing for the NOPD. It would certainly keep him from blowing up their bathroom.


Original Story Credit:  https://tribunist.com

Nov 21, 2018


A bank robbery suspect in Gwinnett County, Ga., is accused of making a crucial mistake following his alleged crime — he let his identity be known.

Eric Rivers was arrested Tuesday in connection with a spree of bank robberies in Lawrenceville, Ga. after he appeared in an on-camera interview with a local news station for an unrelated story about public transit.


A statement from the Lawrenceville Police Department:

“You see, when you accept an interview and provide them with your real name it actually makes our job too easy,” 

Rivers removed his hat and du-rag, which he is alleged to have worn during the robberies based on security camera images released by police.

Authorities say after the interview, Rivers proceeded to scope out a Fidelity Bank in the area.

You can read the original story from Global News here: https://globalnews.ca

WATCH NOW: bank robbery suspect in Gwinnett County, Ga

Nov 15, 2018


 They're either the world's most accommodating criminals, the greediest, the most optimistic, or the dumbest—or maybe all of the above. The BBC reports on 15 tense minutes Saturday for a Belgian e-cigarette shop owner, identified simply as Didier, when a half-dozen wannabe armed robbers showed up midafternoon at his store outside Charleroi. "I told them clearly that 3pm is not the best time to hold up a store," Didier tells RTL, via CNN. Instead, he managed to stammer out, if they came back later on, he'd possibly have many more euros to hand over. To his surprise, they agreed that was a good idea and left. The cops didn't buy Didier's story that the suspects would actually return, but they did—not once, but twice.

First the suspects showed back up at around 5:30pm, and Didier shook his head at their too-early return. "I berated them, saying, 'You have to buy a watch,'" he says, noting he told them to come back at 6:30, when the store would close for the evening. The hopefuls were back at Didier's door an hour later—and plainclothes cops were there to nab them. "It's like it was a comedy," the incredulous shop owner tells the BBC. "They're being called the worst robbers in Belgium." Five of the hopeful criminals were arrested, including a minor; the sixth managed to get away. "They weren't the brightest," Didier tells RTL.


Original Story Credit: http://www.newser.com

Nov 06, 2018
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