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Gerald Davis


   Gerald J. Davis is a trial attorney and Vietnam Veteran. He received his law degree from the University of South Carolina in 1997.Mr. Davis retired as a “State Trooper” from the State of South Carolina in 1994. During his tenure with the Highway Patrol, he investigated accidents and made arrests for various criminal and traffic violations. This valuable experience makes him uniquely qualified as a trial attorney to represent his clients with knowledge and skills gained from all sides of a wide spectrum of diverse issues.

Tuesday, 04 December 2018 19:45

Macaroni Salad


Never trust the macaroni salad. It’ll turn on you when you least expect it.

This, after police in Mt. Morris, New York, apprehended three burglary suspects Sunday by following a trail of macaroni salad they left behind while making their getaway.

In a release published Monday morning, the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office reports thieves broke in and stole a cash register from Build-A-Burger Restaurant, along with the establishment’s entire surveillance system and a large bowl of macaroni salad.

Deputies were hot on the criminals’ trail, literally, as they attempted to escape via the nearby Greenway Trail.

“Found along the trail were cash register parts, surveillance system parts, rubber gloves, loose change and a steady trail of macaroni salad,” the sheriff’s office said. “It was later discovered that the suspects stole a large bowl of macaroni salad, which they took turns eating, along their escape route.”


Officers arrested Matthew P. Sapetko, 34, James P. Marullo, 35, and Timothy S. Walker Jr., 23, by early Sunday afternoon. The three have been charged with third-degree burglary, third-degree criminal mischief and fourth-degree grand larceny. Walker faces additional charges for criminal possession of a controlled substance, say police.

Per the Democrat & Chronicle, the three have been booked into the Livingston County Jail. Most of the stolen property has been recovered.


Original story credit: https://www.huffingtonpost.com


There are just some places where you shouldn’t mention explosives. Airports are on that list, as are courthouses. Now there’s another place where you might want to hold your tongue: Willie’s Chicken Shack. That’s where Arthur Posey found himself on the wrong side of the law after he said he was going to “blow up the bathroom.”


A New Orleans man was arrested at a Willie’s Chicken Shack after allegedly claiming he was going to “blow the bathroom up.”

Posey wasn’t making terrorist threats, though. Not exactly. Posey was at the New Orleans chicken restaurant when he was struck with the sudden feeling that he needed to visit the bathroom.

Posey, 30, used a rather colorful metaphor to describe the urgency he felt in the Canal Street restaurant the evening of Nov. 13.

The employees were scared. They didn’t think he was joking. “Y’all about to close right now because I’m going to get a bomb and blow this place up,” they reported to police.


Really... I mean REALLY?!? Cmon fam

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I never thought of saying "I'ma blow up the bathroom" as a threat - usually it's afterwards and I'm just stating facts


Another employee said the threat was even more specific. “He [said he] was going to get a bomb and put it under the middle table of the restaurant closest to the front door.”

They called police. The police went after Posey, who had left the restaurant. When they found him, he claimed it was a misunderstanding. He wasn’t threatening to bomb the establishment, not literally.

Posey made bail. That may be a good thing for the NOPD. It would certainly keep him from blowing up their bathroom.


Original Story Credit:  https://tribunist.com


A bank robbery suspect in Gwinnett County, Ga., is accused of making a crucial mistake following his alleged crime — he let his identity be known.

Eric Rivers was arrested Tuesday in connection with a spree of bank robberies in Lawrenceville, Ga. after he appeared in an on-camera interview with a local news station for an unrelated story about public transit.


A statement from the Lawrenceville Police Department:

“You see, when you accept an interview and provide them with your real name it actually makes our job too easy,” 

Rivers removed his hat and du-rag, which he is alleged to have worn during the robberies based on security camera images released by police.

Authorities say after the interview, Rivers proceeded to scope out a Fidelity Bank in the area.

You can read the original story from Global News here: https://globalnews.ca

WATCH NOW: bank robbery suspect in Gwinnett County, Ga


 They're either the world's most accommodating criminals, the greediest, the most optimistic, or the dumbest—or maybe all of the above. The BBC reports on 15 tense minutes Saturday for a Belgian e-cigarette shop owner, identified simply as Didier, when a half-dozen wannabe armed robbers showed up midafternoon at his store outside Charleroi. "I told them clearly that 3pm is not the best time to hold up a store," Didier tells RTL, via CNN. Instead, he managed to stammer out, if they came back later on, he'd possibly have many more euros to hand over. To his surprise, they agreed that was a good idea and left. The cops didn't buy Didier's story that the suspects would actually return, but they did—not once, but twice.

First the suspects showed back up at around 5:30pm, and Didier shook his head at their too-early return. "I berated them, saying, 'You have to buy a watch,'" he says, noting he told them to come back at 6:30, when the store would close for the evening. The hopefuls were back at Didier's door an hour later—and plainclothes cops were there to nab them. "It's like it was a comedy," the incredulous shop owner tells the BBC. "They're being called the worst robbers in Belgium." Five of the hopeful criminals were arrested, including a minor; the sixth managed to get away. "They weren't the brightest," Didier tells RTL.


Original Story Credit: http://www.newser.com

 - A South Florida man with half a skull is facing attempted murder and arson charges for setting his bed mattress on fire.

Florida Police say Carlos Rodriguez, 31, set his mattress on fire at his Miami home Monday afternoon. Two victims were inside a duplex connected to the house and police say the fire posed a threat to the occupants.

Police found Rodriguez in the backyard and arrested him.

He was being held on a $20,000 bond.

Rodriguez, who goes by the nickname, "Halfy," is seen on a YouTube video explaining how he lost half of his skull in an accident.

On the video, he says he was "barred out on drugs" when he hit a pole with his car and flew through the windshield and landed on his head. "It's no good drinking and driving," he said, while smoking a joint on the video. 


The original story can be found at: http://www.fox13news.com

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK – “This is the park service. Get on the boardwalk!,” said an official with Yellowstone National Park after witnessing a man walking on the cone of Old Faithful last Friday.


A witness captured the incident on video. In the video, the man appears to be urinating into the geyser. He then lays down next to the geyser.

The man was arrested following the incident and charged with multiple violations, including being off-trail in a thermal area.

The man has since been released on bond, but remains under investigation.


“We take these cases very seriously,” said Yellowstone Superintendent Dan Wenk, “The law requires people to stay on boardwalks or marked trails in thermal areas. Anyone who ignores this law risks their life and possibly the lives of emergency personnel.”

The park is unable to release a name or additional details at this time.

Geysers and hot springs are incredibly dangerous. Many people have been injured or killed by underestimating that danger.


Video and article credit to: https://www.eastidahonews.com

Tuesday, 23 October 2018 10:02

Estate planning questions in South Carolina

One of the most crucial actions any family can take to ensure that their final property and health care requests are honored, and that loved ones are provided for in their absence is Estate Planning. Even though this is often put off in favor of more pressing affairs, a comprehensive estate plan can fix many legal issues that come up whenever a loved one passes away. Making it less complicated for loved ones dealing with the loss of a family member. 

Estate planning can answer questions such as: 

What is the status of their financial circumstances? 
What real and personal property do they have? 
Which family member gets what? 
Is a personal guardian required to care for minor children? 
How much will taxes be in order to transfer property ownership? 
What funeral arrangements have been requested?
In this article, you will find a summary of estate planning, a definition of basic terminology and how to find an experienced estate planning attorney near you.

What is an "Estate"?

An "estate" consists of all property owned by a person at the time of their passing, including:

Property Owned
Bank accounts
Insurance policies
Stocks and other securities
Personal assets including vehicles, jewelry, tools, etc.


How does an Estate Plan Help?

No matter the complexity of your estate, an estate plan can help achieve the following:

Recognizing the family and loved ones that are intended to inherit property after a persons passing.
Assuring that the property will be given to those identified in the estate plan, as promptly and with as little legal barriers as possible.
Minimizing the amount of taxes that will be required to be paid in order for the property to transferred to loved ones.
Bypassing the time and expenses connected with the probate process by utilizing estate planning devices such as living trusts and "payable on death" bank accounts.
Managing the different types of life-prolonging medical care a person wishes to receive should they be incapable of making those requests known when the time arrives.
Producing the intended funeral arrangements requested, and how similar expenses are to be handled.
Knowing the complexity of estate planning options that are right for a family can be a complicated task but The Davis Law Firm can help you with your estate planning needs.

In South Carolina, having an estate plan for your family is one of the most helpful things you can do. Making sure that you're estate plan is prepared accurately can be difficult. But, an experienced estate planning attorney can help explain all options available to you and your family in reaching your goals and satisfying the needs of your loved ones as well. Whether a person wants to change an existing will or create an estate plan, it helps to contact an attorney that knows how to handle all your needs so that you can get started on your estate plan today.

Call The Davis Law Firm In Orangeburg South Carolina for all of your Estate Planning needs.

The harmed party must first discover why the equipment was faulty. If "wear and tear" was the reason, then it is the employer’s liability. Employers have a legal responsibility to manage and inspect equipment correctly and declining to do so suggests they were possibly negligent.

Nevertheless, sometimes the equipment itself is faulty. Even with proper maintenance, the equipment faults due to a inadequate design or defective parts. In this instance, it is the manufacturer that can be held accountable.

Sometimes mishaps concerning equipment happen not because of the equipment itself, but because of the efforts of the equipment operator. If the worker knew that the equipment was defective, and proceeded to use it anyhow, that person could be held responsible. Even if the worker is the one injured, it is plausible for the liability to fall on that person. That is why it is necessary to get sound legal advice when handling an injury case involving defective equipment.

In multiple cases, there are two people that are held accountable. Both the employer and the manufacturer, for instance, can be held responsible. If the equipment was defective, the manufacturer is to blame, but if the employer chose to use it anyhow, they too are responsible.

Negligence and Fault Must Be Considered

In defective equipment cases, the main question is discovering what fault conclusively caused the mishap. Is the fault in the equipment, or in activities concerning the equipment? Did the fault come from the company or from how the equipment was managed at the site of employment? Then, after figuring out fault, the next problem lies in defining negligence. Did someone’s carelessness lead to the incident? Usually, asking these two major questions will undoubtedly show where the liability rests.

If you have any more questions about Work Place Injuries contact The Davis Law Firm at (803) 531-3888

When a man was robbed inside Central Market in Pennsylvania on Feb. 6, police asked him to describe the culprit the best he could. According to Local 21 News, the man described the robber as “as a man in his 30s who was 5-foot-4 and possibly South American or Asian.”

But the thing is, the man didn’t stop there. He provided his own sketch of the robber, which was actually a hilariously terrible drawing. The best part? Police were actually able to arrest the man because of the drawing.

Seriously, I can’t get over it. The drawing is so awful, and yet somehow so like the man. I can’t stop staring at the uncanny resemblance.

The sketch and mug shot have now gone viral, and people online can’t stop laughing about it (and tbh, same).

 Police in Louisiana say a woman came home to discover a naked stranger in her tub, eating her Cheetos while taking a bath, reports the AP. A Monroe police affidavit says 29-year-old Evelyn Washington was arrested on burglary and property damage charges. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Washington was "caught orange-handed with nowhere to run," and that a responding officer found "a full tub of water and a plate of food along with half eaten Cheetos belonging to the victim on the toilet next to the tub." Washington told the homeowner and police that an unknown male had told her to break into the house. Police found a tall ice chest under a broken window.

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